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Photography: Ladina Bischof
Concept and design: Kasper-Florio

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26.08.2022 Clanx Festival Appenzell * * *
08.10.2022 Palace St.Gallen︎Tickets Albumtaufe * * *
06.12.2022 Cafe Marta Bern︎cafemarta.ch **
15.12.2022 MuuZ Uzwil **
24.02.2023 SpurBar Flawil︎spurbar.ch *

*Duo w/Chrigi Bucher (Double bass)
**Duo w/Claudia Saborowski (Backing vocals)
***Trio w/Chrigi & Claudia

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Foto Ladina Bischof


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In her lyrics
While I’m Falling,
Ich halt zu dir and
I Heard The River Cry,
she turns the heavier
and lighter moments
of life into unforgettable vocals.

Introspection on the one hand and daring to put herself in the spotlight on the other – ELYN does both on her solo and self-produced debut album. On “BORN[E]”, life’s intimate moments of the Sankt-Gallen’s (CH) singer-songwriter are brought together, deepened and carefully transformed into music, forming a very personal manifesto of her artistic vision.

ELYN has collaborated in recent years with many artists both as a studio and live musician and in various genres, such as rappers like Manillio or Greis or producers like WASSILY and Kimyan Law.